It’s at the cross of Christ that we see tragedy and triumph united. 

At our Good Friday Service, we’ll reflect on the dark reality of the crucifixion, but also the triumph of the victory that was achieved there.


This moment of death was at the same time a moment of life. 

This hopeless moment was the moment when eternal hope was given. 

This terrible moment of injustice was at the very same time a moment of extravagant grace.

This moment of extreme suffering guaranteed that suffering would end one day, once and for all.

This moment of sadness ushered in eternal joy.

The arrest and death of Christ simultaneously purchased for us life and freedom.

The very worst thing that could happen was at the very same time the very best thing that could happen.


This service will be composed of Scripture, songs, readings, and a message that will point our focus to the cross. The crucified Christ is the pinnacle of God’s self-revelation and He is worthy and deserving of all of our worship.

Make plans to join us for this special service on Friday, March 29th @ 7:00 pm.