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What is Baptism?

Baptism is how we publicly acknowledge our faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a step of obedience to what Jesus has called us to do in Acts 2:41. Our baptisms are a celebration of the new life that Christ offers.

Who Should Be Baptized?

Baptism is for anyone who has placed their trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins and experienced the new life that He offers. We practice baptism by immersion, meaning we “dunk” individuals under the water to symbolize our union with Christ in His death and then we raise them up out of the water to symbolize our union with Christ in His resurrection.

When Can I Be Baptized?

We hold baptisms at least once a year. Complete the form below to register, attend the baptism orientation class and you’re all set!

Baptism Registration Form

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We will be holding a baptism class that is not required. However, we will review the importance of baptism, help you write your testimony, and we would like to record your testimony.