It’s in the Upper Room that we gather to encounter Christ, or more importantly, where Christ encounters us. It’s in the Upper Room that we can come as we are, no facades, no pretense, no posing, and meet face to face with our heavenly Father. 

When we hear the term upper room, we may tend to think of an attic or storage space. We may tend to think of a space in the house that rarely gets visited. But in the 1st Century, the upper room was more like a family room. It was an open-air social space on the roof where family and friends would gather at the end of a long day to tell stories, laugh at jokes, and reflect on life. 


It was an upper room that Jesus utilized as his go-to gathering place with His disciples. Here, Jesus got His hands dirty washing the disciples’ feet and eating one final Passover meal just hours before his arrest and crucifixion. 


Join us for an interactive experience where we’ll walk through these final moments that Jesus shared with His disciples in the upper room and reflect on the significance of this moment. 


This experience will include a time of foot washing, where we’ll follow the example Jesus set for us in the upper room. If you’re uncomfortable with foot washing or simply want to observe, that’s no problem. There will be foot washing stations set up around the outside of the room. When we transition to that portion of the experience, you can stay in your seat in the middle of the room and quietly reflect, pray, and observe. 


We will also be participating in communion, or the Lord’s Supper as a part of this experience.


Make plans to join us for this special experience during Holy Week.