Our Values and Vision

We believe in the value of each person in God’s sight. Therefore we will reach out with the love of God and be demonstrations of His grace to others as well as to each other. We will meet spiritual needs of those who do not know Christ by sharing the gospel through every means possible and every avenue at our disposal to bring them to Christ. We will meet the spiritual needs of believers by offering a variety of ministries that will help them in their development in the faith to become more like Christ in every way.
We believe in the value of the local congregation as a Bible based community. Therefore we will use the Bible, being the inspired Word of God, as our only and all sufficient source for all matters of faith and practice. We will teach the principles and truths of the Bible as being relevant to our time and culture. We will challenge people to make the Bible their guide and rule for daily life.
We believe in the value of the local congregation as a Christ centered community. Therefore we will make the message of Jesus Christ, His person and salvation, central in our teaching. We will promote our unity in Christ, making every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. We will offer ministries that build the body of Christ while assisting the individual Christian to conform to the image of Christ.
We believe in the value of each believer being involved in ministry that promotes the gospel and builds the body of Christ. Therefore we will encourage and challenge everyone who is a part of our congregation to discover, develop, and deploy their spiritual gifts. We will challenge and make every effort to keep each member of our congregation involved in a ministry that is related to the area of their spiritual giftedness. We will strive to offer training opportunities to those involved in the ministry that each of us might serve to the best of our ability.
We believe in the value of the local congregation demonstrating the relevance of God’s Word for today’s world. Therefore we will present God’s Word through our teaching, our worship, and our service to others in ways that are relevant and effective to our time and culture. We will strive to find new and effective ways of sharing the gospel, using every means at our disposal to reach as many as possible and introduce them to Christ. We will provide worship experiences that are glorifying to God, while uplifting to the participants as we come into God’s presence in spirit and truth.