Our congregation was founded in 1917 as a church plant by the West Poplar Street Church of God in York, PA. The church began meeting in a rented room on the third floor of a building located on Center Square in downtown Hanover. In 1921 property was purchased at 337 Frederick Street and it was there the church met in a temporary wooden structure until 1927 when the church building was completed. Over the years, the Lord blessed the ministry offered by the Hanover First Church of God. Through the course of time a parsonage was purchased, a Sunday School wing was added and a few other renovations were made to the building. As the Lord continued to bless, the church continued to grow and in 1997 the congregation moved into their current facility located at 600 Fairview Drive.


We are part of the Churches of God, General Conference which is headquartered in Findlay Ohio. Our beginnings however can be traced to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. It was there in 1826 when John Winebrenner began a new church by meeting on the banks of the Susquehanna River. Winebrenner emphasized the importance of being born again, that all believers were brothers and sisters in Christ, and the belief that any gathering of believers should be called a “church of God”. Insistent that this new movement not be named after him, Winebrenner and the other church leaders finally decided upon the name “Churches of God” as churches were planted and joined together into what was called an “eldership” which eventually became the Churches of God General Conference. For more information about the Churches of God go to cggc.org


We believe strongly that the church is to be an instrument of God’s grace. Therefore there has been a strong conviction to support missions, both locally and globally. You can check out some of the ways we carry the message of God’s grace by taking a look at our Ministries page.